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Baseball is grass, chalk, and dirt displayed the same yet differently in every park that has ever heard the words, “Play ball!” Baseball is the scent of spring and summer, the unmistakable sound of a double down the line. Baseball is timeless. Baseball is forever.
A set of 2 ani and 12 static cursors.

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A hook shot kisses the rim and hangs there, helplessly, but doesn't drop. The starting center times his jump perfectly, gathering the orange leather from the air like a cherished possession. The forward lays the ball gently against the glass for a layup, and sees an orange blur floating perfectly through the net.
A set of 3 ani and 12 static cursors.

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What a paradox that the most brutal of sports is also the most sensitive and the most creative. Two combatants, one ring, and a battle governed as much by determination and drive as by rules and referees; that’s boxing.
A set of 2 ani and 12 static cursors.

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The quarterback hikes the ball,
He throws up the best fake of them all.
He hands it to the tailback,
Watch out for the sack!
He runs down the sidelines and spins off a defender,
And keeps going for the touchdown with splendour.
A set of 2 ani and 12 static cursors.

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The lofted ball up in the sky,
From early Scotland you can hear them cry.
If it lands in the rough and not on the green,
A verbal lament, an error gone unseen.
Rythmic swings like ballroom dance,
The slightest error reduces your chance,
An errant head or a wandering eye,
If the ball is topped it won't even fly.
A set of 3 ani and 12 static cursors.

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Hello out there, we're on the air,
It's hockey night tonight,
Tension grows, the whistle blows,
And the puck goes down the ice.
Now the final flick of a hockey stick,
And on one gigantic screen,
Well, the puck is in, the home team wins,
That good old hockey game.
A set of 3 ani and 12 static cursors.

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